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AXEMA - Your supplier of smart access control systems

Open the doors with a key tag and/or a code instead of a using keys and you will increase the security and reduce the costs for key-management and the problems that come with lost keys.
Axema access control system is easy to install, easy to maintain and is affordable.

Axema offers a wide range of entry phone systems, where you from any phone terminal easily can answer and with a keystroke let your visitors into your building.
Choose whether you want an entry phone system with or without a monitor, a wired or wireless solution, all depending on your needs. We have all the solutions.
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Some doors you always want to keep locked to prevent unauthorized persons from entering. Select one of our user-friendly code locks so you that you have easy access without using keys.
Most importantly with code locks is to change codes frequently, which you will do swiftly and easily with a smart code lock from Axema.