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Code locks & compact reader

Increase security at the door with A66 terminal that is both a code lock and card reader.
You can use a key fob or press the code to open the door.

Code lock and compact reader A66

  • The A66 has a built-in weekly timer for time schedules. You easily program hours and days for different codes. The timer switches automatically between summer and winter time.
  • Use key fobs instead of keys. Key fobs can easily be blocked if they are lost.
  • Quick and easy installation. The A66 is available for surface or flush mounting using a frontkit.
  • The A66-reader is fully compatible with the VAKA access control system. So if you want to upgrade to a complete VAKA access control system with intercoms, laundry booking, alarm control or any other exciting features, then the A66 is a perfect reader which is fully prepared for this.

Code lock A04

The code lock A04 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a modern well-designed code lock that is easy to manage, without compromising on quality and security.

To program the codes has never been easier!
Thanks to a 3 step programming you will easily change codes which has become more crucial to attain higher safety.

A04 is designed with a high-strength metal construction that guarantees the code lock is resistant from external vandalism.

To maximize security, A04 is equipped with a Solid State SSR, which makes it very resistible to vibration or magnetic fields..