GDPR compliance


From 25 May 2018, a new regulation for the processing of personal data, within the EU, is known as the Data Protection Ordinance or the GDPR. The regulation will apply in all EU member states and supersedes national rules, such as the Personal Data Act (PUL) in Sweden.

The purpose is to increase your ability to decide on how companies and organizations handle data about you and the data created when you use their services or products, for example.

Personal information is information about names, social security numbers, e-mail addresses, pictures or anything that can be attributed to a particular natural person.


Legitimate interest

Axema determines that the company has a legal basis to inform and communicate product information and news to our customers and end customers. This is normally via e-mail and addressed to the product interested person in thier professional role.



For VAKA there are two databases; the system database and the registration database.


System database

The system database contains system-specific configuration such as people, times, permissions, and events. The database is stored in the system, in computers used for system administration and in possible backups. The VAKA system and its database are managed, normally, without interference from Axema. In some support cases, we handle copies of customer system databases, which are deleted no later than 5 business days after completion of the required work supporting the customer.


Registration database

The registration database contains the information the installer and administrator provided when initially deploying the VAKA system e.g. company name, contact person, phone number, and e-mail address. The registration database information is only used by Axema to communicate important system updates or product news.


Planned changes

Axema is working to update the VAKA software to facilitate compliance with the forthcoming GDPR Regulation.


Regarding the VAKA software, the following are planned:

• Documentation about how the administrator will work with VAKA for compliance with the GDPR

• The default storage time of event logs is set to 14 days


Registration changes:

• Registration will be voluntary.

• Upon registration there will be reference to consent

• Registration information can be changed / removed for change / cancellation


Marketing Communications

For our marketing communications, we have an e-mail register to be able to reach you in your professional role or as owner of Axema’s products, with important information about our products and services, such as:

– Promotions

– Software updates

– Product News

– Technical information

– Price information


You control how you Personal data is used by Axema

Under no circumstances will we transfer information about personal data to third parties. You can contact us at any time to be deleted from our database or you can un-subscribe from e-mail communication via the unregister link provided at the end of our emails.

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