Axema Om oss

Our company and heritage

Axema AB was founded in 1992. We have many employees with significant experience in the security industry and over 100,000 doors are secured by products supplied by us. Our headquarters and development team are located in Stockholm, Sweden and our products are manufactured in Sweden.

Our business philosophy

Axema develop and market smart, innovative access control and associated solutions for our customers with high levels of security, functionality and quality.

Our design ethos

Our products feature “Nordic” design, simplicity and ease of use combined with the robustness required to work in harsh environments.

Our markets

Our products and systems are sold through a wide network of resellers including; security wholesalers and installers, locksmiths and alarm companies throughout Sweden. We also have export sales to our Nordic neighbours; Norway, Denmark & Finland and further afield in the Netherlands, Germany.

We are currently expanding our international business and should you be interested in becoming an Axema partner please contact John Thacker on +44 (0) 777 13 18 601 or email [email protected]