Privacy Policy

1. Processing of personal data
Axema protects personal privacy and protects personal information in the best possible way. Axema processes personal data based on the requirements contained in the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) and other applicable laws.

Axemas privacy policy applies to the data obtained and used through the company’s procurement or provision of products and services, management of support cases and other contacts where personal data are processed within Axemas business operations.


2. Personal Data Responsible
Axema Access Control AB (Organization No. 556446-1472) is responsible for the storage and management of such personal data.


3. When is personal data processed?
Axema collects and processes personal data:

• Within the execution of customer and supplier relationships
• Upon subscription to any of Axema’s services, newsletters etc.
• When contacting support or requesting other product information
• Within the process of product registration
• When visiting Axemas website
• During registration or participation within courses, events and seminars
• As otherwise required to fulfill legal obligations.


4. Registered information
Contact details registered may include:

• Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, physical address.
• Contact times and nature of the contact e.g. during customer support processes
• When the contact is a representative of other organization informatiom such as position or other information related to the role.


5. Purpose of processing of personal data
The personal information provided to us is stored in our systems and used for the purposes for which they are intended; to keep customers and other stakeholders informed about product news, for the administration, development and delivery of our goods and services, and to provide support to our rights and fulfill our obligations under agreements.
Axema processes data to develop and improve products, services and processes, and to market products and services directly to people in their professional or end-users.

We process personal data to comply with statutory obligations, such as billing documents that fall under the Accounting Act.


6. Disclosure of personal data
Axema does not share personal data with third parties. If such disclosure is deemed to be required the consent of the individual is explicitly required beforehand. Personal data may be disclosed as required if deemed necessary by law.


7. How long is data saved?
Axema saves personal information as long as it is required to fulfill commitments or as long as required by laws and regulations.


8. Security and protection of personal data
Axema takes the necessary security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, change and destruction.


9. Rights
Personal data owners have the right to know what personal information Axema has stored and why and also the right to request a copy, correction or deletion of such data.

These rights can be executed by personally writing to Axema, signed by yourself in order to:

• Request the registry extract on your personal data once a year. The result will be sent to your national postal address.
• Requests for correction of personal data that are found to be incorrect, incomplete or redundant.
• Request for the deletion of personal data when the personal data owner so wishes. In case of legal requirements, Axema may be prevented from deleting data.

If the personal data owner considers that personal data processing by Axema is in violation of current data protection regulations please inform Axema AB. Complaints may also be submitted to the Data Inspectorate.


10. Change of Privacy Policy
Axema reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time. With reasonable notice, you will be informed of changes to the policy.


11. Contact
For questions regarding Axemas processing of personal data, please contact us via [email protected].

Written request for registry extracts or other data changes should be sent to:
Axema Access Control AB
Box 90215
120 23 Stockholm