Our Quality & Environmental policy

Axema AB will develop, produce and deliver products in such a way that our, our customers and the end users of our products requirements, needs and expectations are met.

We believe that we should to contribute to a long-term sustainable society in order to ensure future generations quality of life. The general principles of which are based on holistic thinking and in order to achieve this we have formulated the following business guidlines:

We endeavour to:

• Use energy from any source as effectively as possible.
• Work towards meeting the requirements of IS014001: 2004, ISO 9001: 2000.
• Ensure that materials used within our products have as low environmental impact as possible.
• Utilise systems for reuse and recycling of materials and products.
• Select suppliers who implement active environmental policies.
• Go beyond the basic compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
• Train and motivate our employees to perform their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
• Constantly strive to improve the environmental aspects of the business through a program of continual improvement