passersystem för flerbostadshus axema

The smart, scalable, access control solution for multi-tenant buildings.

Tenents, visitors, tradesmen, postmen or any other person who needs access to the appartment building can be managed easily in a system using cards & tags without the cost of management of "keys".

Axema VAKA grows with your requirements. Start with a single door and grow to 1,000 doors or add Xtra-Functions as your needs develop e.g. Door Entry Phone functioanlity.

Make your multi-tenant proerty a secure environment


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How Axema VAKA can support you

Axema passersystem
Easy to mange access control system

Start with an access control reader, provide cards or Key Fobs for the tenants and then never worry about keys again.

Porttelefon ökar säkerheten2
Door Entry phone

Allow the tenants to grant access to visitors from their phone, simple and secure.

Anpassat för alla
Accessable to all users

Visually impaired users are provided with audible instructions, hearing impaired users can read the display and any user can be granted additional time to enter the door e.g. for those in wheelchairs.


Shared area reservations

Many multi-tenant buildings have reservation objects (sports facilities, meeting spaces etc.) and Booking and Information Terminals allow tenants to make, cancel, amend or just check thier bookings). The terminals also provide a means of communication towards the tenants.

Enkel administration via webbläsaren
Easy system administration

Axema VAKA has a user-friendly interface. As an administrator, you can easily connect to the system through your web browser and manage your complete VAKA system. There are also no additional costs for servers, licenses or software updates!

Bekvämt med fjärrsändare
Remote transmitter support

Enable tenants to open garage doors without neeeding to open thier vehicle doors.

Upp till 1000 dörrar

Up to
1000 doors

Enkelt att installera

Easy to

Smidigt att administrera

Easy to

Anpassat för funktionsnedsatta

Disability adapted

IP-baserat med senaste tekniken

IP based,
modern technology

Broschyr passersystem för flerbostadshus

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