Passersystem för kontor

At last an access controls system where security & convienience are both delivered

In a large office with many staff, varying levels of security may be required, adaptions must be made quickly and easily to ensure the required changes are implemented efficiently.

With Axema VAKA, you easily manage your users and configure your system according to your different needs. For example, you can allow specific staff to locally set door modes, extend the door open time for disabled people, help visually impaired through spoken instructions from the reader or control your alarm system. An additional advantage is that you have no additional costs for servers, licenses, and software updates.

Make your office or business a secure environment


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How Axema VAKA can support you

En enhet, många möjligheter
One Terminal, a wealth of options

Start using the “Nordic” design A66 Door Terminal for simple single door access control using standard cards, tags or Remote Control Transmitters to control who goes where and when. Increase the security options available by adding a VAKA door controller.

Porttelefon ökar säkerheten
Door Entry Phone

The A66 Door Terminal is ready to provide Door Entry phone functionality with great audio quality. Simply add the Xtra-Function VAKA Door Entry Phone Master module to the Door Controller to support your visitors.

Anpassat för alla
Accessable to all users

The A66 Door Terminal suppports visually impaired users as they receive spoken messages and instructions. These are also visually displayed for hearing impaired users.

Book meeting rooms

Axema VAKA’s Booking & Information terminal can manage access to any reservation object e.g. meeting rooms and is easily added.

Bekvämt med fjärrsändare
Parking access

Support users access to the garage or car park without leaving thier vehicle using Axema Remote Control Transmitters.

Control your alarm system

Make alarm system management simple, spoken and visual feedback are provided by the Door Terminal. Additional audio warnings across the facility as the alarm system is armed or dis-armed can be provided by the system.

Enkel administration via webbläsaren
Easy system administration

Axema VAKA has a user-friendly interface. As an administrator, you can easily connect to the system through your web browser and manage your complete VAKA system. There are also no additional costs for servers, licenses or software updates!

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