The Axema VAKA access control system, bringing safety and security to Public Buildings.

Public buildings have many and diverse security requirements be these schools, hospitals or any other public facility. The manager of such a facility has a duty of care towards staff, attendees or vistors and each group may result in differing security needs that need to be addressed.

The flexibility offered by Axema VAKA is ideal for this. You can start with securing a single area and then develop your system as new requirements arise through the system scalability, from 1 -1000 doors and add additional features through the VAKA Xtra-Function modules.

Make your Public Building a secure environment


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How Axema VAKA can support you

Accessable to all users

It is important that Public Buildings are accessable to all regardless of the reason for attendance. The A66 Door Terminal suppports visually impaired users as they receive spoken messages and instructions. These are also visually displayed for hearing impaired users.

Door Entry Phone

To support visitors and provide staff with security use the Door Entry phone functionality with great audio quality. Simply add the Xtra-Function VAKA Door Entry Phone Master module to the Door Controller to support your visitors.

Vehicle access

Most Public Buildings will include a garage, car park or goods delivery areas requiring vehicular access. Use Axema Remote Control transmitters for fast and efficient access for users without leaving thier vehicles.

Regulate pharmacy access or equipment usage

Ensure only qualified and trained staff are allowed to gain access to the areas where drugs are stored or to use specific equipment within the facility.

Trådlosa möjligheter
Wireless communications

Many Public Building facilities will encompase several buildings. These can be connected without laying costly physical cables, link remote site buildings wirelessly with distances of up to 1.5km.

Easy system administration

Axema VAKA has a user-friendly interface. As an administrator, you can easily connect to the system through your web browser and manage your complete VAKA system. There are also no additional costs for servers, licenses or software updates!

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