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Use smart access control to improve your retail space

As competition increases "bricks & mortar" retailers are having to create the best possible customer experience to maintain business.

Todays retail space is continually changing with pop-up shops, restaurants & cafes, events to attract visitors etc. Axema VAKA can readily scale as required in order to meet the requirements. Using features sucha s door alarm, entry & exit checks etc. the risks are reduced with a result that the environment becomes safer.

Make your retail space a secure environment


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How Axema VAKA can support you

En enhet, många möjligheter
Easy staff entrance

The VAKA A66 Door Terminal can manage both access control and alarm system management for your staff, that’s simple security!

Deliveries supported

Support deliveries to your store warehouse using the VAKA A66 Door terminal Door Entry Phone functionality.

Håll koll med dörrlarm
Monitor stores area doors

UDR-Plus monitors secured rear of premisis doors to ensure security in facilities such as shops, offices, sports facilities, department stores.

Control your alarm system

Make alarm system management simple, spoken and visual feedback are provided by the Door Terminal. Additional audio warnings across the facility as the alarm system is armed or dis-armed can be provided by the system.

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