Axema VAKA - The development program

We recently took an important strategic business decision to start development of a new system “from scratch” as we had a vision. This was to develop the most usable, flexible, secure, access control and entry phone system addressing the requirements of both installers and end users. After thousands of thoughts, emails, conversations, meetings and workshops with staff, customers and end users and applying more than 25 years business experience in the security market, Axema VAKA was the result.

Axema VAKA - a complete system for the entire facilty

Axema VAKA Passersystem
Access Control

Start with 1 or 1000 doors. Read more

Axema VAKA Porttelefoni
Door Entry Phone

Support your visitors. Read more

Axema VAKA Larmstyrning
Alarm System Control

Manage your alarm system. Read more

Axema VAKA Informationstavla
Reservation Objects

Stylish booking & information terminals. Read more

Vehicle Access

Remote Control Transmitters. Read more

One Terminal, a wealth of options

Axema passersystem
Access Control

Start using the “Nordic” design A66 Door Terminal for simple single door access control using standard cards, tags or Remote Control Transmitters. Increase the security options available by adding a VAKA door controller.

Porttelefon ökar säkerheten2
Door Entry Phone

The A66 Door Terminal is ready to provide Door Entry phone functionality with great audio quality. Simply add the Xtra-Function VAKA Door Entry Phone Master module to the Door Controller

Anpassat för alla
Accessable to all

The A66 Door Terminal suppports visually impaired users as they receive spoken messages and instructions. These are also visually displayed for hearing impaired users.

A few smart functions

Booking Terminals

Axema VAKA’s Booking & Information terminal can manage access to any reservation object (meeting rooms, sports area, sauna etc.) and is easily added.

Remote Control Transmitters.

Support users access to the garage, car park or industrial site without leaving thier vehicle using Axema Remote Control Transmitters

Easy system administration

Axema VAKA has a user-friendly interface. As an administrator, you can easily connect to the system through your web browser and manage your complete VAKA system.


No more keys

Keys present a security risk (lost, copied) and an overhead through the replacement of keys and/or locks. Proximity cards & Key Fobs are secure, simple use and can be readily disabled if lost.

Up to
1000 doors

Easy to

Smidigt att administrera

Easy to

Anpassat för funktionsnedsatta

Disability adapted

IP based,
modern technology