Make simple the reservation of any area with VAKA Booking & Information Terminals

A reservation system allows users to book and gain access to a specific space during a specified time. It can be used for meeting rooms, sports facilities etc. Bookings can be made, reviewed or changed by the user either at the Terminal or via a web browser.

The VAKA reservation system is flexible such that the number of individual reservations users can book within a given period can be configured. It can further be used to ensure equipment associated with a reservation is only enabled for use during reserved periods.

The VAKA Booking & information Terminal is “touch screen” device and can also be used to provide information to users.

VAKA Booking & Information Terminal

In the VAKA administrator application, you simply enter reseravtion object information to specify the objects and define the time periods and frequncy of bookings avaiable to the respective object. The reservation functionality is included in the VAKA Domain Center B60 and this also allows users to log in from any computer to make reservations.